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Tales from a Square Peg and her Vagabond Fam


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Ang Szc

Born in South Korea. Raised in Detroit. Proud resident of Los Angeles for almost a decade. Ecuadorian expat. I came to South America to change my life. Spend more time with my family doing the things I love. Live tranquillity. So far, so good.


Calling All Moms

Seeking madres with a story to tell for my Facebook page that will feature profiles on our wonderful global sisterhood. Looking to connect and build a supportive community that showcases each of our unique and inspirational journeys as badass moms around the world. Contact me if you or someone you know is interested.



Being a mom is hard. And let’s face it, it can be kind of lonely. Have a question you just don’t know who to ask? Want to vent? This is a safe space for us to be ourselves without judgement. Solely to build each other up through encouragement and love. Join my Facebook group and let’s get this party started.