No Place Like Home

And I’m back. After a couple weeks in the United States with my family in Orlando. We’re home. And I’ll admit, when I first touched down. I had mixed feelings. The kind of mixed feelings that crop up every now and then. And sometimes a little more often. Are we doing the right thing? Familiar…

Pico Y Placa

With a population of over 2.6 million, built atop a mountain and with only a few ways to enter and exit the city – Quito traffic can be a bit of a nightmare. Especially during rush hour. To combat the influx and outflux of vehicles, the city abides by Pico y Placa which means Peak…

More H8

This weekend I deleted Facebook. For a couple of reasons. First, because it’s a time suck. The value of whatever “knowledge” that is gained does not outweigh so many other things I could be doing. The second, is that it is emotionally draining. In less than a few seconds, I’ve laughed at a funny dog….

Is Anyone Out There?

Aside from my husband, his parents, my family and a few select friends… No. No one is out there. Because I have yet to make the blog public. I have always been afraid of exposing myself in that way. Because to me, it feels more naked than actually being naked. Fresh grass smells so good….

Ten Times A Lady

A big trend in social media right now is posting a photo of yourself from ten years ago, and one from now to see how well you’ve aged. Maybe even to brag a little about how good you still look. I know I am. When I was 24, I had just moved to Los Angeles….

Agree to Disagree

Is it possible? I’m not sure. After engaging in an online discussion about healthcare and undocumented immigrants, I’m left feeling… Disappointed. Not just because of dissenting opinions. I’m used to that. But the way in which people communicate with each other. And the fact that a more peaceful future seems so far away. On my…

Feliz Año

There’s something about the New Year. And of course, that enigmatic week after Christmas where time seems to stop so that all the thoughts about the past twelve months can marinate deeply. We spent it at the beach. The sound of the waves. Heat of the sun. Lack of technology. Days being marked by the…