Life Moves Fast


Less than six weeks ago, we celebrated my husband’s birthday. We had no idea at that moment where life would take us in such a short amount of time. Since then we packed up our entire lives into a handful of suitcases. Said some socially distanced good-byes. Flew out on a humanitarian flight to Houston. Drove twenty hours to Orlando. Hugged both of my parents after two weeks of quarantine. Celebrated my dad’s birthday together.

We moved down to the Florida Keys. Picked up our dogs after much too much time. And we’re currently in the process of buying our first home.

We’re tired.

But excited beyond belief to start this new chapter of our lives. One that we didn’t expect at the beginning of this year. Much less a couple months ago. But one that fits us so perfectly given the crazy twists and turns of 2020.

We’ll be close to my parents and driving distance in a time when air travel feels unsafe. On the water in a tropical locale. One that has already gifted us with shark sightings and a bounty of sea life. Palm trees, the sound of waves gently lapping against the shore and brilliant sunsets from the comfort of my own home. One that we can make our own during this pandemic. When home will be the best place to be in the face of an uncertain future.

This is it, I said to my husband.

Before I had even stepped into the house. The perfect view onto a beautiful wide canal looking out onto a clear lagoon. A huge yard ready and waiting for adventures. I felt it in my heart as soon as I saw it. And in less than two months, it will be completely ours.

We will travel again when it’s safe.

But for now, our around the world journey is coming to an end.

And I look forward to settling into that salt life.

Let’s eat pizza every night, my son says.

And my husband’s face lights up.

A pizza oven?!?

One that we fire up while the kids paddle around off the dock.

This is going to be fun.

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