Tulum, Who Knew?

After over a week in Tulum, our days have gone from chaotic and stressful to not just enjoyable. But pretty freakin’ fantastic. Beautiful beaches, mesmerizing cenotes, lush jungles and delicious food all at arms length.

The perfect paradise for that active outdoor lifestyle we love.

Each day better than the previous.

Today being no exception.

This morning we started off with a visit to the site of The Green School. Originating in Bali and now expanding globally, this is why we are here. To send our kids to what I believe to be the best school in the world. The future of education in a time when innovation in how we teach our children is desperately needed. It’s been my obsession. But Bali was not in the cards for us. At least not now. So just days after hearing a location was being opened in Mexico, we booked our flights. As we trekked through the thick trees and stood atop the lone structure that will mark the entrance to the school, the breeze was strong.

We snapped a photo.

And in that moment, I felt it in my heart.

This was it.

Our next step.

The one that we have been searching for.

All the research. All the planning. All the dreaming.

So much dreaming.

Because that’s what my husband and I do. At times, with so much criteria it felt impossible one size would ever fit all the hopes we have for our family.

But here we have it.


Who knew?

Afterwards we celebrated with a trip to the beach where my son caught tiny fish in a spaghetti strainer. Kissing them before releasing them back into the water. Collecting sea glass and “shark teeth” in the plentiful tide pools. Running towards me with so much excitement his tiny legs buckled in the sand.

Mommy, look what I found!

We ended the afternoon with Thai food overlooking the waves. Deep house. Iguanas hovering nearby hoping for some table scraps.

Yesterday it was snorkeling in a crystal clear cenote. Playful bats fluttering through colorful stalagmites.

And tomorrow, we beach again.