What Next?

After a successful road trip to the beach, I have been looking forward to our next adventure, which will take us to Las Vegas and Mexico mid-February. The original plan was to stay a week to scope out land in Tulum in a first step to finally set down some roots. Mexico is appealing to us for a few reasons. Close proximity to the United States and direct, inexpensive flights to our loved ones. Clear blue water and white sand beaches for my scuba loving husband. Spanish-speaking. And finally, the kicker for me. The presence of a residential community and education facility specifically designed to support eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives and lifestyles.

That like-mindedness gives me so many warm fuzzies.

As well as visions of me riding my bike through the jungle from the ocean to mystical ruins and cenotes.

It sounds pretty perfect on paper.

Which brings me to last night.

As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post in one of my World Schooling groups about a Summit in Playa del Carmen in March.

Was this fate?

For me, the desire to settle and roam free has always been in constant conflict. And I’m not quite sure where I fall within it. I’m an introvert and a homebody. I love to travel, but as someone who struggles with anxiety, it can be hard. Especially with kids. There is so much more to worry about when you cannot anticipate your surroundings or what’s next. But I challenge myself because I know it’s worth it. And luckily, I have a husband who vibes on a different level. One who balances my desire to hunker down in sweatpants with an energy that cannot be contained in one place for too long.

With a trip already in the books that is only weeks away and a short drive from the Summit, I was intrigued. I felt like the universe was calling to me with an opportunity to gain valuable insight into those vagabond ways that I craved, but felt intimidated by. A coincidence that couldn’t be coming at a better time. One that finds us on the cusp of calling a place home.

It was a sign I couldn’t deny.

But one that I quickly could talk myself out of. The thought of extending our trip to three weeks was daunting. My husband would be busy with work and I would be without the comforts of home thrust into the unknown with a 3 mo old and my 4 yo son. A small selection of toys and books. A fraction of our wardrobe. A full kitchen of utensils and appliances that might flake non-stick poison into every meal.

Because you never know what awaits you at the other end of a rental.

And when you’re talking newborn, life is unpredictable enough. Some days are full of long naps and growing moments of independence, while others are spent attached as deeply as though she were still in the womb. Unable to be apart from me for even a moment.

Welcome to the fourth trimester.

But we’re going for it.

Our first foray into world schooling.

Because you can’t let fear keep you from achieving your dreams. Which for us, looks like a mix of long-term travel and a house near the beach. With a flutter in my stomach that I’m not sure is excitement, nervousness or coffee, we book our new return flights to accommodate the conference.

I feel the flutter again.


Yes, that’s definitely it.

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