Kill Them With Kindness

Ellen Degeneres recently sparked a nationwide dialogue about kindness and accepting people who think and feel differently than us after a photo of her chumming it up with former President George W. Bush went viral.

A message I’m all for. 

But a point that she and the many people backing her are seriously missing. 

Yes, tolerance is important. 

But so is accountability.  

And George W Bush is not your run-of-the-mill neighbor who is racist and hates gay people, whose biggest offense is some obscenities muttered under his breath.

He’s a war criminal.  

Responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Not to mention the thousands of U.S. troops that were killed serving.

A “War on Terror” based on lies told in hindsight, being kind to Bush normalizes the practice in our country that turns a blind eye to the gross misconduct of people in power.  

Like Trump.  

Who has been accused of so much, but what to me stands as the worst accusation to date, is his connection to the Jeffrey Epstein child sex trafficking ring.  A controversy that has conveniently gone away after Epstein’s mysterious suicide while awaiting trial in prison.  One that would not only implicate Trump, but a number of other rich and powerful men all across the world.  

This is not about being kind. 

It’s about justice for the elite.   

Especially those entrusted with the role of representing our country as President of the United States.  

Because permissiveness does not stop with political leaders.  It extends to all the wealthy.  They can rape women.  Steal money.  Create deathly policies and enforce brutal legislation that is somehow okay because it is the law.  Kill busloads of children in faraway lands without consequence.  Suppress minorities on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender and religion.

And being kind to them does nothing but preserve an antiquated status quo that has destroyed the country.  Turning it into a Capitalist funhouse of financial slavery that overshadows any semblance of democracy.  

A place where current and former presidents can literally be implicated in a global child sex trafficking ring without any repercussions.

I will say that again for all you parents out there.

A place where current and former presidents can literally be implicated in a global child sex trafficking ring without any repercussions.

Because it sickens me to think that in a few years, after memories have faded to nothing, people will be calling for us to be kind to those responsible for these monstrous acts against humanity.

It sickens me now.

So yes, be kind to your senile great uncle who came from a different time and place when he uses the occasional slur. But don’t pretend that it’s the same as this. Because it’s not.

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