The Battle Of The Breakfasts

Our two favorite weekday places are La Bakery and SuperFoods.

La Bakery, which is just off Orellana near the square, is famous for it’s eggs benedict. Not a dish you typically find in Ecuador. Executed perfectly. The egg is always runny. The hollandaise buttery and smooth. It’s expensive as far as food tends to be here and beverages are not included, with our bill averaging about $20 per person. It’s also a heavy meal, one that is hard not to finish to the very last bit. So be prepared to fight a food coma or resign yourself to a mid-morning nap.

As for SuperFoods, located in the outdoor shopping complex next to Scala, this natural foods joint offers up completely different fare. Fresh and healthy, we usually get the complete breakfast. With delicious choices for every course, I go for the green juice, a mochaccino, red fruit açaí bowl and a veggie stuffed portobello. A side of bread, homemade jam and almond butter rounds out the filling, but light meal. At $12 a person, this again runs much higher than what you would traditionally pay for breakfast. But it is set to a more refined standard that makes it worth it.

With two excellent choices in front of us, it’s sometimes hard to veer from the known. But we decided to give it a shot with the cafe that recently opened up as an accompaniment to our favorite bread store, Hay Pan. With a location in Paseo Mall, as well as a pop-up in the same complex as SuperFoods, we pick up bread and pastries there at least twice a week. So we ventured out with at least some assurance that the food would be good.


One of the best breakfasts I’ve had here so far.

Really satisfying and super reasonably priced.

We started off the meal with a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice and a cappuccino with bread, butter and jam. Yogurt complete with bananas, strawberries, coconut, chia and flax seeds that thickened into a delicious pudding by the end. And then the main meal. Two perfectly poached eggs topped with melted cheese all soaking into a bed of croutons. A soupy stringy mess of creamy yellow and soft white accented by tangy tomatoes and bits of crispy browned queso. It was perfect bite upon perfect bite scooping each cube of bread with just the right amount of sauce.

All for the low cost of $6 per person.


With speed and convenience that can be hard to find in restaurants here, Hay Pan’s new food spot will definitely become one of our staples. A quick eye of the lunch and dinner menu revealed dishes ranging from Thai to Italian for prices hovering around the $10 range. Whether they can execute the diverse styles in a way that is either traditional or familiar and innovative remains to be seen, but based on what we had this morning I’m going to have a little faith in their lofty ambition that dares to even attempt Asian cuisine.

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