No Such Thing As Sides

The other day, Trump told some minority members of Congress to “Go back to where they came from.”

Skyrocketing his approval numbers.

Prompting me to share this on my Facebook page:

Go back to where you came from. Can’t really get anymore juvenile or ignorant than than that. Is he going to start pulling up the corners of his eyes and call me a chink now. It’s pathetic that the same rhetoric that was used so casually to shame and degrade my childhood self for not being white is now being used by the President of the United States to incite hatred for immigrants. I can only imagine the people who hear of his bold bigotry and cheer. The families that pass down that intolerance generation by generation. And those poor kids on the playground that fear for their safety as the others shout to build walls. 

Our country was founded on the notion of white supremacy. Genocide. Slavery. Internment Camps. And that ideology has persisted as a mechanism of control. Not just to suppress minorities. That’s a bonus. But to create irreparable divides that make our people weak and susceptible to rule that maintains the Capitalist agenda for those in power. Power that will continue to change laws under our noses. Draw lines every which way. And funnel money into the biggest pockets ensuring that corruption will continue to evade accountability and succeed. 

In the meantime, let’s at least try to treat others the way you would like to be treated. We can’t do much about the system on the day-to-day. But we can all be nice.

A couple people reached out privately. One to apologize for maybe being at fault for offending me when we were kids. Not necessary. It wasn’t you. And another to reconnect. Vent. Share. About a past that only we can understand, and so much that has happened in between.

Some likes. Whatever. And of course, a few comments on voting.


I appreciate anyone in this day and age who is dedicated to making positive changes. And in whatever way they see that to fruition is great. And I’ll vote. There has been enough bonk ass legislation and bullshit that even though I do not necessarily like participating in a system that is designed to create conflict for the sake of control. I will. But do I think that it’s going to make any difference.

I don’t.

Because to me, believing that we’re a Democracy is kind of ridiculous at this point. The whole system of government has become just another distraction in the grand scheme of things. Made solely to give people the perception that they have any semblance of impact. Gerrymandering. Russian tampering. Dimpled ballots. It’s not even an elaborate ruse at this point.

Trump will win.

And then after that the liberals will be gifted their turn.

Just like the conservatives were after Obama.

Things will swing back into the other direction.

Racists will be shamed into hiding.

Sort of.

But the hate will live on. Like it always does. Because just because power has changed. Laws have changed. The people will remain divided. Angry. Tired. Overwhelmed at the number of things to care about. While those at the top continue to do whatever the fuck they want. Because literally, that’s all this is about. Money and power.

On both sides.

And in thirty more years, we’re going to wonder why nothing has changed.

Why we’re still at each others throats. Screaming at the Spanish-speaking family at the grocery store. Gunning down black kids for no reason. Assuming that Muslim man is a terrorist.

Because it’s the system itself that needs to be challenged. Not just the surface issues that define red or blue. Abortions or not. Black or white. Legal or alien.

But rather the idea that neither the Democrat, nor the Republican is really working in the best interest of anybody other than themselves. And even if they try. They won’t succeed. The DNC will shut down Bernie to push Hilary forward. Biden will get the ticket above all his progressive counterparts. And be the lesser of two evils. But still kind of evil. That this body that we have put our trust in for so much, for so long. Doesn’t deserve any of it.

In the meantime, like I said, be nice to each other. There is so much that can be done on the ground floor in terms of improving the quality of life for everyone if we can all just learn to live tougher with a bit more compassion and empathy. A hell of a lot less judgement. And some tolerance thrown in to boot. Whether it’s in the workplace or in school. Between friends or family. Enemies or loved ones.

Just be nice.

To everyone.

In the same way you would want to be treated.

It’s something we can all do now.


In this moment.

Resist the temptation to propel yourself ahead at the expense of others in a culture that has taught us that the only way to succeed. Is to leave others behind. A violent history that has used race, religion, gender, sexuality and other criteria to create a hostile environment of achievement amidst limited resources based on negative stereotypes and discrimination.

Realizing that at our core, we’re all the same. Just people trying to get by. A product of our upbringing. And different. Vastly different across the board. Working together to find a compromise that is healthy. Not destructive. One that will bring two sides together, instead of farther apart.

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