No Poo Method

It’s officially been a month since I washed my hair.

When I first started on my zero waste journey, I read about the no poo method.

Yes, I still take shits.

It’s not quite that revolutionary.

But the idea is that we don’t really need to shampoo our hair.


I was skeptical and a little unsettled to have something so basic challenged. But after reading about other people’s experiences, I decided to give it a try. Sure, I could use shampoo bars, though they are hard to come by in Ecuador. But I try to adhere to a lifestyle that is as minimal and sustainable as possible within my realm of me being me, so doing none is always better than some.

And now for a little bit of history.

Apparently, up until the late 1800s, people were recommended to wash their hair once a month. Decades later, the first synthetic shampoo was developed increasing the frequency to what became daily by the 1970s. Proponents of this method claim that this ritual strips our hair of it’s natural oil which damages it. Creating an imbalance to compensate that is actually the cause of oil overproduction and the resulting slickness.

It’s a vicious cycle.

After reading about the successes other people had by getting back to their roots, literally. I was curious. I prepared myself for the transition. Several weeks of greasy strands as my scalp adjusted to the new change. During which I relied on a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water to combat buildup.

It actually worked.

Twice a week was enough to keep me looking relatively fresh. And now, it’s been about ten days solo agua and I’m still going strong. I give the scalp a good massage while in the shower before rinsing. Brush the hair when wet and dry to help distribute the sebum throughout the rest of my shoulder length locks. And every other day or so, I spritz with a little argan oil that has been infused with lavender to give it some moisture and sweetness.

Here’s what I noticed.

At first my hair was super greasy on top and my ends were really dry. Now my hair is significantly more even in texture. And it’s a nice texture.

What I like about this is not just the simplicity of being able to reduce products and plastic in my household. But the fact that I’m no longer putting unnecessary stuff onto my body. Even though we were using high quality Castile soap before, it just feels more natural to let the system do it’s thing. My shower looks a lot neater. And I get to utilize multipurpose products that I already have in my cupboard like ACV and argan oil in new ways.

So yes, no poo. You’ve made a believer out of me. And also my husband, who thought I was nuts. Especially since my beta period took place during our two week vacation in the Galapagos. I wasn’t trying to be hardcore. I’m just the kind of person that once they decide on doing something, they go for it.

Ocean water. Sweat. Getting hammered by the sun. Sand everywhere.

It was little brutal to go no poo during such a stinky time. But I also figured it would be a true test.

Smell my hair, I say.

Not trusting my nose quite yet.

You’re good, he says.

A dialogue that has played itself out more than a few times.

But, truthfully, it never gets old.

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