Kid ‘N Play


One of the best…

And I mean, the best.

Things about kids, is their completely unbiased and open approach to friends.

I’m not sure it will always be like this for my son. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be. But I will hold tight to that hope that even if others are not always so inviting, at least he will be.

Last night we went to eat at a restaurant that had a playscape. Over the course of maybe an hour, almost a dozen kids came and went. Different ages. Some in groups. Others flying solo.

And boy, did they play.

I watched my son join in the fun time and time again, with new friends for the moment. Chasing them up ladders. And hurling himself down slides as the unspoken race continued. No winners or losers. Just a lot of laughter. Spontaneous hugs. Shrieks of joy. The muddle of voices reflecting what you’d expect from only the closest of comrades, instead of relationships forged over mere minutes.

Whether at the park or even an airport baggage claim, I’ve watched my boy connect in a way that escapes us adults. It’s pure. It’s honest. Free from preconceptions and the weight that holds us back.

The good ole’ days when all you needed was someone to chase you. Or give you a boost to that lowest tree branch.

No qualms about what color your skin is. Or who you pray to. Whether you even pray at all. How much money you make. Your status, and what that means to other people. A work title. A salary band. Or that enviable lifestyle garnering thousands of followers on Instagram.

Just the desire to have a good time. And people to do it with. Under the assumption – or rather without the assumption – that anything else but that matters.

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