A Solid Sanduche

Since we moved to Ecuador, I have been on the search for good sandwich stuffings.

Which is why we were super pumped to find out that our local carniceria carries tasty cold cuts. El Cordobés is located off Francisco de Orellana at the edge of where Tumbaco meets Cumbayá. The Argentinian meet purveyor has become our go-to place to get carne. It’s incredibly delicious and you can trust that the product came from a good home and is treated with care.

We usually arrive there with an agenda. Sausage. A pound of ground round. The perfect steak. So it took us awhile to discover the wonders of this prepared fare. It was Christmas and we were looking for something new. A few recipes on deck. But open to recommendations.

Which is when we first met pollo enrollado.

Chicken stuffed with olives and cheese. Rolled. Smoked. And then sliced into the perfect size for putting between two pieces of bread.

It’s so damn good.

On our way home from Quito and hungry, we picked up two packages of meat. Next up was the bread store. Then the cheese store. And of course, our favorite ice cream joint that serves up a creamy and sweet flavor called queso.

Because that’s what you do here. It takes some time, but you find your places. The ones that carry the things you like best. And instead of popping into a store with dozens of more than acceptable choices for every kind of personality and lifestyle. You have to seek a little. Or in the case of lunch meat, a lot.

It’s a different way to buy.

One that I had to get used to. Especially coming from a place of abundant availability at my fingertips. A lot of trial and error. The secret world of speciality products slowly revealing itself to us in time. Whether it’s milk that we buy directly from the farmer, who invites us up for a visit. Or homemade jam stuffed into a donut from the stand outside our yoga studio. Going that extra distance – literally and figuratively – is just a part of the game.

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