Parque Guapulo

I found a new favorite place today. Something I’ll take as a good sign for those answers my soul has been seeking.

My son and I arrived at Parque Guapulo with a couple of hours and no agenda. What I love about this park is the fact that it is small with endless possibilities in close proximity.

Which makes it good for little legs.

A lake with different colored koi fish. Rocky steps leading down to a shady forest. Water flowing off ridges into tiny ponds. A large stone shaped like a seahorse – or at least that’s what my son’s eyes saw. Recognizing a character from one of his books in all the lumps and bumps.

We rode a train to Portugal using hanging vines to sound the whistle. Fashioned fishing poles out of fallen branches. And pretended to be bunnies hiding from hungry lions.

Ducks. Real ones. Cooled off in a nearby fountain. Orange butterflies. Black birds. Yellow flowers. And a playscape where he conquered a rock wall. Scraping his leg badly on the first attempt. Only to go back and try again.

I love that about him.

You can bring a picnic. Post up at a bbq. Or even grab a snack from a food stand that sells all the basics. Hot dogs. A citrus marinated white bean salad that goes by the name of cevichochos. Or a plate of giant lima beans called habas, served with a slice of queso fresco.

I take a few deep breaths in. Inhaling so. Exhaling hum. Listening faintly to the excited chatter of a toddler talking to an octopus made out of a spindly stick.

But even more, hearing what I needed to. Life is good. Don’t worry. Be happy.

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