Garlicky Goodness

I’ll admit, I used to be one of those moms that at the first sign of sickness, set off to the doctor to load up on all the recommended goodies.

Last year, we ended up walking away with four different prescriptions for a respiratory infection. Followed by a sinus infection. Followed by bronchitis. Liquids and vapors for seemingly months on end.

It didn’t feel right.

Yes, he got better.

But a part of me was wary of the steady stream of powerful substances my baby’s body was being subjected to.

This time, I’m doing it a little differently. Diligently exhausting natural remedies, of course with watchful eyes and ears.

Steam rooms that we turned into a game after he proclaimed, it’s too hot in here. An at home spa with soothing music and chimes. Or hoisted on top of daddy’s shoulders where the moist air is thickest as he runs his toy car over the lip of the shower. Loosening up all the good junk with a hearty hock.

Nasal spray. Lemon and honey water. Warm pineapple for dessert. And fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast. We play hydration station, keeping a cup of water in arms length at all times. Each time he coughs. He needs to take a giant sip.

And then there’s the food stuffs.

Chicken bone broth spiked with ginger and lots of garlic. Because while studies show that it’s best in its raw form. I’d be hard pressed to find a toddler willing to crush a clove that hasn’t been cooked.

Instead I came up with a roasted garlic broth that I’ve been spooning into all of his meals. On top of noodley soups. Smeared on a sammie. Added to a bit of eggs. Tossed into some spaghetti sauce.

If you love garlic like I do, this stuff is like liquid gold. So potent and good I downed a cup of it straight from the pot. Paying the price a little later with some indigestion.

Here’s What I Did:

– I put a shit ton of garlic covered in olive oil in a glass pan at 350F until they looked brown and smelled delicious. Maybe 45 minutes.

– Started up a stock pot with butter, onions and dried green spices. Oregano, basil, thyme, bay leaf…whatever.

– Added the garlic and let them all get to know each other a bit better with more butter.

– Added homemade veggie stock (but you can also use chicken bone broth).

– Tempered vegan yogurt (milk, cream, anything creamy and smooth) in some of the warm stock. Added to the beast.

– Threw it all in the Vitamix with caution. Should have let it cool a bit first. It didn’t explode.

And you’re done.

As for the kiddo, I’m not sure if it’s helping. But it’s certainly not hurting. He’s coughing less. Running around more. And giving us just the right amount of grief while recuperating at home.

Update: After a few days on the mend, the kiddo took a turn for the worse. Spent the whole night hacking and coughing and vomiting in a way that no midnight steam shower could relieve. No infection, but he was prescribed five days of allergy medicine, which we gladly administered. But hey, it was worth a shot.

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