Is Anyone Out There?

Aside from my husband, his parents, my family and a few select friends…


No one is out there.

Because I have yet to make the blog public.

I have always been afraid of exposing myself in that way. Because to me, it feels more naked than actually being naked.

Fresh grass smells so good.

And I digress.

It’s my feelings though, the whiney voice inside my head says.

What if people hate it. Or think I’m a complete idiot or asshole.

Could I handle it?

In a word. Yes. In a few words. I think I’m ready. At this point, anything that I would lose solely because of who I am. I am okay with losing.

I am an idiot.

And an asshole.

And a lot of other things depending on the time of day and whether or not I’m hungry.

Ermahgerd hamberders…

Let’s do this.

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